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Career Bound is the first comprehensive, personalized service that helps graduates identify what they may want to do after college and coaches them step-by-step on how to get there. At Career Bound, our career coaches are seasoned industry professionals who have extensive knowledge in all aspects of the job search process. They will help you assess your skills and interests, identify target career functions and industry and develop a strategic game plan to achieve the best possible job upon graduation. Here is how it works;


  • Assessing Your Options – In the first phase, the student will utilize the Strategic Career Matrix for a thorough self-assessment. The coach will pose a series of questions designed to help the student understand themselves and what they have to offer. This first step is critical to help the student understand where they should apply their efforts. Students will also have access to our ‘Mentwork’ or network of mentors in various professions whom they can speak to about their career.
  • Establishing a Roadmap – In phase two, the student begins to understand where they can apply the skill sets they have. They will identify potential career targets by functionality and role and begin to develop a target list of organizations that will match their need. They will develop a better knowledge of the various databases they can use to help establish a roadmap. They will also learn how to use both social media and personal networking to identify targets.
  • Promoting Yourself – In this final phase, students will use multiple approaches to increase their visibility in the marketplace. The advisors will help to create a highly effective resume and cover letters, maximize use of social media, and prepare them for the ultimate – the interview. Our expert team will enable our client to stand out from the crowd.

After Phase 3 students will continue to have access to their coach to refine their strategy and test various tactics. Career Bound is not a magic bullet or an easy fix. It does provide the student with a framework for strategy development and many, many tips and techniques, but successful execution depends on the student working hard.


Fast Fact

Only 24% of graduates in 2010 had a job offer upon graduation vs. 70% of Career Bound clients had a job offer after 3 months of working with us.

Career development through resume writing, interview coaching, and job search advising for college students or graduates seeking their first job or internship in Greater Boston.
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