In today's labor market, the job search for any upcoming college graduate seems overwhelming, daunting, and almost impossible to tackle.  The summer prior to my junior year at Cornell University, Mr. Kustka was able to guide me through different processes in order to organize my thoughts.  After being provided with tools to identify the important things that matter to my career, I was able to shift my mindset from an apprehensive and unknowledgable job candidate, to a confident and eager potential hire. I was able to aggressively pursue my career aspirations with the necessary confidence and skills.  Mr. Kustka opened doors by willingly welcoming me into his network which provided me with opportunities I would have never been able to garner on my own.  CareerBound validated my goals and effectively guided me in my pursuit of them.  Upon receiving my internship offers the past two summers, the relationship with Bob never ended.  He remains an active mentor and continues to help me in whatever ways he can as I grow into my career.

- Gabby, student


"My experience with Career Bound was positive right from the start. They helped me hone my business writing skills and make my cover letters cater to each specific job in a succinct, eloquent way.  The informational interviews not only gave me insight into the industry, but also helped me become more comfortable for the actual interviews that I went on. In the end they helped me land a job with a great company that has started me on the career path that I would like to pursue. "

- Conor, student


"I found Career Bound to be a key stepping stone in helping me define my career goals as well as great opportunity to look at the job market in a different way.  Career Bound helped improve my interview skills and reduced my anxiety of the interview process as a whole.  Overall I found Career Bound to be an enlightening and positive experience that I would recommend to others."

- Justin, student


"My son Matthew was graduating from McGill University, but was finding that few American companies were coming on campus to interview. He was interested in several fields in the world of finance, but Career Bound helped him to sharpen his focus. When he decided that he was most interested in investment banking, the counselors at Career Bound helped him to network and ultimately land a position in the field. They also spent time prepping him for his interviews. I truly believe that Career Bound played a big role in my son’s success."

- Carlos, parent


"My son was graduating from the University of Denver with a degree in Finance and good grades. He was not certain of the exact type of position that he wanted and he was graduating in a very difficult job market. Career Bound helped him to focus by introducing him to a number of financial professionals in their network. They also provided him with some structure to his job search, guiding him and keeping him focused on it every day. I could see the progress he made along the way, from the improvement in his writing cover letters to his comfort with the interviews. As a result, he landed a position in the financial services industry at a prestigious firm."

- Sally, parent


“With Career Bound, I was quickly assisted and comfortably advised through the interview process. As a result, I was one of the lucky few college sophomores to grasp a very rewarding and instructive summer internship. Career Bound was very supportive and whole-heartedly sought to get to know me before steering me in the right direction. I owe a great deal of my successful summer experience to Career Bound.”

– Kira, student 


"Graduation from college is a milestone of achievement for both parent and child. However, the college experience does not necessarily prepare one for an effective job search. When our daughter Paige graduated from Fairfield University, we reached out to Career Bound. As a parent, having a professional third party teach the networking, writing, interviewing skills took all the tension and anxiety out of the parent/child relationship. Career Bound professionals provided the coaching and development without the emotion that is prevent in any family relationship. Paige had a successful experience with Career Bound and was hired by a major retail organization and has already been promoted. I have and will continue to recommend Career Bound to other families."

- Jean, parent


"Enrolling in Career Bound gave me purpose and confidence during this uneasy and stressful time. The part of the program that I benefited from the most was learning how to network as a young professional. Networking intimidated me in the beginning. But once I realized people wanted to help me I became better at it. Whether it is using linked in or reaching out to people I already know, I need to constantly be making connections in order to grow as a young business professional."

- Paige, student


Working with Career Bound has been a life changing experience. The skills and experience that I have gained will be beneficial inside and outside of the business world. You are provided with the tools to shine during interviews, and to market yourself to prospective employers. The overall experience increased my confidence and allowed me to enter into any interview or networking scenario with reduced anxiety. Whenever I needed help, Bob was always there and quick to reply with great advice. I highly recommend Career Bound! I feel that all of the job offers I received would not have been possible with out them!

- Jonathan, student


Tricia and I cannot begin to thank you enough for your help and guidance with our Son, Jon.  Aside from Jon’s college costs, your Career Bound service was the best investment we’ve made in Jon’s education.  It’s taken 12 years  but we’ve managed to get a Daughter and 2 Sons thru college.  During that time,  we become increasingly aware of each college’s shift in focus from career to purely educational.  Sad to say,  the end game for us has always been career.  As Tricia and I researched for alternatives,  your Career Bound service was an immediate “A HA” moment.  All too often we as parents underestimate the skills required in establishing a career strategy and supporting network.  Moreover, a graduate fresh out of school is often too well versed in the ways of the world to continue listening to their parents.   Your service was just the ticket that Jon needed.  We’ve always taught Jon to follow his passion.  Tricia and I were both interested and apprehensive to see how Jon would “connect the dots.” Yet in just 4 months’ time,  you got Jon focused and connected to find a job that was a perfect fit for his dream.  We can’t tell you the emotions Tricia and I felt as we listened to Jon’s excitement explaining his role. 

- Dick and Tricia, parents


Starting with Career Bound I had little idea about where or how to start me career, in my time with Career Bound I quickly found the answers to these questions.  Career Bound helped me to analyze my skills and passions and turn them into possible career paths, from this list of passions I was able to systematically search for jobs that lined up with these skills and passions.  Helping me each step of the way, Bob guided me how to become a desirable candidate through resume, cover letter, and interview preparation. I felt I had an huge advantage walking into my interviews because of this step by step guidance.  Career Bound gave me the one on one instruction that I could not get through my college's career services office, Career Bound will give any recent graduate a leg up on the competition.  Most importantly what I learned at Career Bound will last me a life time, this is information I will certainly use any time I look for a job.  Career Bound has provided me with an amazing learning experience, and set me up with a job that I am very excited with.  

- Jon, student

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