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Success Stories




When Matt contacted Career Bound, he was months away from graduating from a prestigious university in Canada with a degree in Finance. He was concerned because few American companies came on campus and most of his career search was though online applications. While he knew that he wanted a career in finance, he was looking broadly across all industries. At this point, he had few interviews set up.

With our help, he narrowed his focus on the field of investment banking. After a meeting with one of our mentors, he was able to network to a direct contact with that field and landed a position as a result. He began getting interviews and we helped him to prepare for each one. Ultimately he received multiple offers and we acted as a sounding board to help him arrive at his decision.



Christina was concerned about her ability to land a meaningful summer internship after her junior year. She was an international business major doing a semester abroad in Paris. There were fewer opportunities because of the difficult economy, and the fact that she was abroad made it even more difficult. She also knew that to be competitive upon graduation, landing a great internship was critical. The first meeting with the Career Bound coach was conducted via Skype. The coaching quickly showed several things. Christina had a strong academic background and good previous work experience, primarily in financial roles. She was looking for a marketing internship to broaden her experience and resume. In the next session, we conducted a practice interview where we helped Christina to identify past achievements that demonstrated some of the skills necessary for marketing. We also introduced her to one of the companies in our database, and she was offered a marketing internship after the first interview!



When Brooke came to us shortly before she was graduating, she was in a state of high anxiety. The position that she had accepted had fallen through and now she was without work. She was a finance major with good grades, but she was so anxious, she said that she was willing to take anything. We helped her to gain a clearer focus by speaking with several financial professionals in different sectors. This helped her to clarify both the role she was seeking and the companies in which she might be interested. In a short amount of time she landed in a major financial services company, and her career has continued to develop there.


Fast Fact

70% of Career Bound clients had a job offer after 3 months of working with us.

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